Restoration of the 12 metre R-Yacht Anitra

Years of hard labour

You can get the whole story of the restoration extensive restoration on over 300 pages with more than 1,000 photos on a CD.



Loading of Anitra

After purchasing the Yacht Anitra in an absolutely desolate state she was loaded in January 2003 in New Jersey near in New York on a freighter and then transported across the Atlantic.

Early in March 2003, employees of Martin-Yachts loaded Anitra onto a special truck and drove her 920 kilometres to Radolfzell on Lake Constance.

Almost empty hull

Almost empty hull of Anitra

It took us weeks to carefully dismounting all parts before we could see the almost empty hull.

Many original parts were restored. However, all later attached details we removed completely.

Removing deck and keel

With a heavy hammer

In a painstaking work all superstructures and then the entire deck were removed.

Then we separated the lead keel from the hull.

With a heavy hammer we drove the wedges in to separate the heavy keel from the hull.

The ravages of time

The ravages of time

After removing the bottom planks and after loosing the bolts of the keel base from the frames and floor timbers, the bad shape of the keel sole was visible.
A view on starboard towards the stern.

Installing the transom

View from the keel to the stern

We removed the old planks and then put on new restored wooden planks evenly from the keel upwards.

The new transom was fixed by clamps.

Parts of the planks around the center beam had to be removed to make it easier to work on other parts, like the transom.

Renewing wooden bulkheads


Screwed to the floor: In order to transfer the exact measurements, the old frames were laid down on wood supports on the floor; wooden brackets were placed along the frame and then screwed to the floor. A new frame was then measured and checked against this shape.

The metal bulkheads had to be completely renewed

Metal bulkheads

Over the months, the Martin shipyard received deliveries of over 100 parts and thousands of rivets.

Here you can see the different parts of the frames for the hull around the mast area.
Most of them are web frames, which can withstand great forces.
The two long steel plates in the top of the photo and the many stiffeners on the right hand side of the photo serve as supporting sections under the mast and redistribute the enormous forces of the mast over the entire keel area.

Work of art in steel

Work of art in steel

The keel section of the Anitra, with its strikingly shaped steel frames, exudes something special, like an old iron or steel bridge.

Rivets are characteristic of the traditional form of construction and belong in an original restored yacht.

Attaching the keel

Attaching the keel

After the hull of the 12-metre R-Yacht had been completely planked, we were able to attach the lead keel to the keel base.

Renewing deck beams, constructing the superstructure and planking the deck


Here you can see the new deck beams in the bow, as the photographer took this picture from the centre of the deck.

Interior finishing

Interior finishing in the stern

All fittings - there were hundreds of them - had to be measured, adjusted, installed, removed, glued and painted each 10 times - inside the hull.

All loose parts such as doors, lockers, and drawers, were measured in the hull, adjusted, installed, removed, glued together, re-installed, if necessary adjusted again, then removed and finally painted several times in the hangar.
After that, they were reinstalled for testing. In the end everything was removed again and all parts were stored in an air-conditioned hangar.

Admittedly, this is not very spectacular and also does not produce sensational photos. But these details decide on whether the owner will feel comfortable in his yacht.

All fixed internal fittings were then fitted with protective covers to protect them from the six boat builders who were working on the Anitra at the same time.

Finally, it is worth all the trouble.

Finished hull

The first going about

Arial view

Arial view

Up in the sky

Up in the sky

Vies from the stern or bow demonstrate the slim section of the hull and the height of the mast.

New goals

New goals

After transporting the 21 metre yacht to Flensburg by truck we tested the restored yacht on the Baltic Sea.

In the future Anitra will be a serious competitor on all regatta fields.

World Championship 2013

World Championship 2013

Taking part in the World Championship 2013, Anitra always sailed in front.

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Source: Photos and all texts going along Dr. Schuhmacher.

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